Welcome to the archives of Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence.

    PWHCE closed its doors in March 2013, as federal funds supporting its infrastructure were discontinued. This website is intended to make PWHCE projects and materials available until 2023. Thank you to all of the dedicated people whose collaboration and support made this work possible.

    For technical issues with this website, email inquiries@. Please note that no one is able to respond to any other enquiries.

    Rethinking Women and Healthy Living in Canada
    A. Pederson, M.J. Haworth-Brockman, B. Clow, H. Isfeld and A. Liwander. Editors
    The report, funded by Health Canada, is intended to generate an understanding of women and healthy living and to contribute to the development of evidence-informed responses to addressing challenges related to healthy living for women in Canada.
    More information.

    Rising to the Challenge: Sex and Gender-Based Analysis for Health Planning, Policy and Research in Canada
    B. Clow, A. Pederson, M. Haworth-Brockman, and J.Bernier

    Rising to the Challenge is a book that describes the process of sex- and gender-based analysis and offers a collection of case studies and commentaries that illustrate SGBA in action. More information.

    SGBA Online...
    A fun and interactive experience with opportuntities to practice and apply SGBA. Includes tutorials, the core concepts and process of sex- and gender-based analysis (SGBA).
    Click here to go to website.

    Annual Reports
    Our Annual Reports can be found online here.


    Women and Poverty
    Working together to improve women's health by reducing women's poverty

    Gender and Health Planning
    Considering gender in health planning, programming and policy

    Rural, Remote and Northern Women's Health
    Including women in rural, remote and northern communities

    Aboriginal Women's Health
    Understanding the health and health issues of Aboriginal women.


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